With the help of Import Bank Statement you can easily import your bank account details into Capium. All your bank transactions stated in the statement could be stored in the Capium with the help of CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. You can transfer your account details from other software with the help of CSV files.
You will get the option of the bank name from which you want to import your statements from or into. In the given column select the “Import/Re-create” for importing the statement.
Then it will show the “Upload” option for CSV, select a CSV file from the location on your drive and click on “Import” button.
You will be given a list of entries under the selected Bank’s name, prefixed by drop-down’s over every column that gives you multiple options to name that particular column so as to save the statement with that reference.
import bank statement
After giving each column with a specific name (not necessary), click on the “Import” button. All the entries will be saved as a statement where clicking on a particular entry, it would open in the lower half of the page in a block where you can edit the information about it or can save it directly.