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Russells Associates Ltd

Russells Associates Ltd, Chartered Accountants" (Essex)

"We were growing tired of desktop accounting software with problematic updates that had to be downloaded and applied frequently. We were growing tired of desktop accounting software with expensive multiple user licensing. We were tired of maintaining a costly IT infrastructure to run the desktop software for multiple users who work in different locations. Then, along came Capium. Practice management, accounts production, corp tax, personal tax, and, free bookkeeping and payroll. All in the cloud, easy to use and inexpensive, with good customer support. What's not to like? We love it!

Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant - All Adds Up Business Solutions​ (East Sussex)

"This software is going to become a very strong contender and my only advice to accountants out there is get it now before everyone realises the market potential. Capium has saved businesses! Be proud and keep up the good work.​"

Kazbor Services Ltd​ (Lancs)

​When looking to change my accounting software my principal objective was to find a cloud based solution so that accounts could be worked on from anywhere. Capium came top of the list for its simplistic approach and ease of use to meet the professional standards that I was looking for. The features offered by this software within its basic pricing structure makes it an affordable solution that I would have no hesitation in recommending to others that were looking for a cloud based system.

Naked Accounting (Leicestershire)

Naked Accounting (Leicestershire)

The more I use Capium, the more I like it!