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Introducing Capium Pay!

We're excited to offer you an easy, hassle-free way to request and collect payments from your customers. As part of your Capium Pay subscription, you'll have access to Capium Pay at no extra cost.
With Capium Pay, you won't have to worry about contracts, hidden fees, or any other obligations with conversion cards: Payments are just 1.3% +20p, and Instant Bank Transfers are completely free! Plus, we'll handle all the work for you, including creating paid invoices once payment is received.

Something else to note is that Foreign currency exchange rate fees is just 2%!
Get started with Capium Pay today and streamline your payment process for less!

Payment Fees

Instant Bank Transfer
Funds received using this method are available for payout within
2 hours


Funds received using Cards or Apple Pay are available for payout within 4 days.

Consumer Cards

EEA Countries
For all card types

Rest of the World
For all card types

1.3% + 20p with a 0.4% added fee for AMEX Business and Premium cards.

2.3% + 20p

2.9% + 20p

Other Fees



Foreign currency exchange rate conversions

A chargeback is a forced refund to the buyer's card. A chargeback occurs when a buyer disputes a purchase made using their card, claiming the goods or services were not provided.





Market Comparison

Platform Card Cost Apple Pay Instant Bank Transfer Pay-in Times (Cards)
capium pay UK: 1.3% + 20p (+0.5 business cards, Amex 1.8% + 20p)
EEA: 2.35% + 20p, ROW: 2.9% + 20p
accept accept Up to 3 days Open Banking:Up to 2 hours
Stripe UK: 1.5% + 20p (Amex: 1.9% +20p)
EEA: 2.5% + 20p, ROW: 3.25% +20p
accept accept 5-7 days
WORLDPAY UK: 2.75% + 25p accept accept 3-4 days
Square UK: 1.75% + 25p
EEA: 2.5% + 25p, ROW: 2.5% + 25p
accept accept Up to 3 days
Paypal Pro UK: 2.9% + 30p accept accept Up to 3 days

Included in Capium Pay at no extra cost

  • check  Payment button on sale invoices
  • check  Payment requests directly from portal
  • check  Mobile Pay (payment requests from a mobile device)
  • check  Branded buyer checkout page
  • check  Strong customer authentication
  • check  Multiple fraud prevention tools
  • check  Payment account
  • check  Real-time data
  • check  Scheduled automatic payments
  • check  Unified reports
  • check  Automatically reconciled payments
  • check  Customer support provided by payment experts
Accountants Suite

Start Getting Paid Today by Signing up With Capium Pay!

With Capium Pay, you can say goodbye to manual wire transfers, cash and cheques, and hello to fast, reliable payments with instant bank transfer, cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Our payment platform uses embedded payment links to make it easy for you to request payment. Simply send a personalised payment link via email, text, or even as a QR code to request payment from your customers.

Plus, you can automate invoicing and reconciliation, saving you time and effort as an accountant. And by using our service, you can help your customers improve their cash flow by getting paid faster. This will bring real benefit to your customers and make their lives easier.

Discover the benefits of using Capium Pay for your Practice


Capium Pay makes it easy for your customers to pay however they prefer. Whether they want to use instant bank transfers or debit/credit card payments, Capium Pay gives them the flexibility to quickly and securely fulfill their invoices. Once payment is received, we’ll automatically create a paid invoice for you in Capium, saving you time and effort on administrative tasks. Our fast payment processing means you’ll get paid quickly, freeing up your time and money to focus on what you love. Give your customers the options they need and streamline your payment process with Capium Pay.

Free, Instant Bank Transfer

Instant Bank Transfer is a fast and cost-effective way for your customers to pay you using Capium Pay. With no transaction fees, it’s a convenient option for both you and your customers. Plus, funds received via this method are typically available for payout within just 2 hours. Please note that the money in transaction fee of 1.3% plus 20p per transaction is only applicable for UK consumer cards.

Mobile Payment

Need to take payments on the go? Capium Pay’s features allow you to easily collect payments using your mobile device. Simply set up a Capium Pay link in Capium and save it to your device, then select the link whenever you need to request payment. It’s that easy! Plus, Capium will automatically record the payment transaction and create an invoice for you.

Safe and Secure

Security is a top priority for Capium Pay. We use payment links to ensure that no financial information needs to be shared, and our secure checkout keeps all payments and transactions safe. This means you can focus on what you do best, knowing that your financial data is in good hands.


One of the best things about Capium Pay is its cost-effectiveness. Your customers won’t have to pay any setup costs or monthly fees – all they’ll pay is a small transaction fee for money received. This gives your business financial flexibility and allows you to make the most of our fast, simple, and secure payment processing. Plus, with instant bank transfers available at no extra cost, you can get paid even faster. Overall, Capium Pay is a cost-effective and efficient solution for your payment processing needs.

Price As Low As £15 Per Month For 100 clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is an issue with a return?

We receive live feedback from HMRC, meaning you can track your submission status in real time. You can also contact our support team by phone or ticketing for your convenience.

Can you submit your return to HMRC online?

Yes, you are able to directly submit your return to HMRC from the Corporation Tax module.

Does the module support Supplementary pages?

Yes, you re able to add pages A – J.

Do I only need to submit a full return?

No, there is allowance to create and submit Amended returns as well as Full returns.

Is there access to support?

We offer free support to all our clients – we have telephone and ticketing support for your convenience.