Cloud-based Accounting Software: The Future of Accounting

The benefits of cloud-based accounting software are abundant: automations to save time and eliminate double entry; real-time financial snapshots for clients; accurate data; enhanced collaboration; extra security compared to traditional accounting software.
Oh, and did we mention cloud-based software is also extremely cost-effective?

What is cloud accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software is the most efficient type of technology for accountants. Rather than relegating you to one device (à la offline desktop computer software), you can access cloud-based software via any device with an internet connection.

An overview of your practice and clients in one place

Our cloud-based accounting software is an ecosystem of data: if you change one piece of data somewhere in the system, the associated data in another will automatically update, leaving you with an accurate real-time overview of your practice’s and clients’ information. Meanwhile, ‘data in the cloud’ basically means ‘on the internet’, so you can view your data on the go — as long as you have an internet connection.

Increased efficiencies and reduced costs

With cloud accounting software, you can upload data directly from clients’ bank accounts, significantly reducing the need for manual data entry, double entry and the risk of errors. With a consistent stream of information, file shares (and lost files!) will be a thing of the past. Collaborate with clients and team members like never before and only work with the latest version of your financial data.

Clear accountability and resource management

Information about your practice, client accounts, team workflows, deadlines, and so much more is accessible online, anytime, anywhere and from any device. Get a single view of your entire practice to manage resources more efficiently and sustain clear accountability.

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In simple terms, cloud accounting is the most effective way of accessing your accounting software from a web browser without having to install any software. If you already use online banking then you’ll find the benefits of cloud accounting easy to appreciate.

A Clear Overview Of Your Practice All In One Place

By having a software which operates from one central hub, rather than individual computers, you can get a clear overview of your team’s work, your clients’ accounts and key information about your business at a click of a few buttons, from any device in any location in the world. Best of all, the information (including billing) will be up to date and accurate!

Increased Efficiencies & Reduced Costs

Cloud accounting allows for data to be uploaded directly from clients’ bank accounts, eliminating the need for manual data entry and potential inaccuracies. Multiple data files shared between your team will become a thing of the past. They can share files real-time, ensuring they are working on the latest version of a clients’ accounts.

Clear Accountability & Resource Management

Information about your practice, client accounts, team work flows, deadline calendars and so much more are accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device – ultimately giving you a single view of your business.



Why Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting eliminates time consuming work that is the bane of most practices. The benefits of the cloud are numerous, from enhanced security and data accuracy, to fantastic working synergies between your team members.

Access your accounts 24 hours a day. Deliver a more responsive service to your clients

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Better decision-making

With access to real-time and accurate information, your team can use Capium to make better decisions for your clients, from small business owners to industry giants, to give them the advice they need to succeed.

Save time and increase productivity

Our cloud-based accounting software enhances collaboration across your practice and handles repetitive tasks with automation tools to save you time that you can use on more strategic services.

Enabling flexible working

Unlike traditional accounting software, our cloud accounting software is accessible from anywhere in the world, from any device with an internet connection. If you want to provide flexible working, cloud-based accounting software is the way to go.

A more efficient, secure and cost-effective way of working

Automatic product updates

With Capium cloud accounting software, there’s nothing to install or maintain — software updates happen automatically without the need for user intervention. We want to create the best user experience, so we roll out regular updates quickly and with no further cost to your practice.

Excellent security

Data in the cloud is far more secure than data stored on traditional accounting software. We use Microsoft Azure technology to safely store client data, encrypt your cloud account and remove data trails from your computer.

Automated backups

We automate backups and use backup servers in multiple locations so you can always rest assured that, should the worst happen, your practice won’t be totally stuck in the mud — unlike those that keep data on-site, which is always at risk of physical damage and theft.
“We were growing tired of desktop software with problematic updates, which had to be downloaded and applied frequently; expensive multiple-user licensing and maintaining a costly IT infrastructure to run the desktop software for multiple users who worked in different locations.
“Then came along Capium.
“Everything we needed, all in the cloud, easy to use and inexpensive. Did we mention the great customer support? What’s not to like? We love it.”

Russells Associates


Interested in what you’ve learned and want to learn more? Contact our team or book a 30-day free trial to test our cloud-based accounting software for yourself!
Our cloud-based accounting software saves our clients time, effort and money. Find out how you could benefit from Capium’s cloud accounting software.
Our cloud-based accounting software saves our clients time, effort and money. Find out how you could benefit from Capium’s cloud accounting software.

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