Empowering Practices across the UK

Capium is the backbone of hundreds of accountancy practices across the UK. Hear how Capium has enabled them to develop and grow their business.

"It's improved my communication with clients"

"Flexible, secure, affordable. Hear how Tracy Easman, Tracy Easman, accountant and council member of the association of taxation technicians and Andrew Osborne, director of Argute Accounting do business with confidence."

"It's all in one place"

"Meet Diane Clarkson-Wright director of DCW Accounting Limited. Hear how Diane uses Capium to simplify and manage her practice daily."


"Capium is frighteningly"

"Capium is frighteningly easy to use and feedback from the whole team has been it's very easy to use as well. As me being the business owner sometimes I comeback with things saying "we're going to use this" and hope it goes to plan. But actually, with Capium it did.

"Woods Squared - Business Growth Advisor, Alan woods"

"Within 2 to 3 days I was up and running"

"It was easy to transfer the information (from previous software) because the guys from Capium just actually helped me move the static information across into Capium. Secondly, I'm not a great one for watching videos, I haven't got the patience for it. I just tend to get in, make mistakes and carry on but Capium was very easy to use and within 2 to 3 days I was up and running on most things."

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“We were growing tired of desktop software with problematic updates that had to be downloaded and applied frequently, expensive multiple user licensing and maintaining a costly IT infrastructure to run the desktop software for multiple users who worked in different locations. Then, along came Capium. Everything we needed, all in the cloud, easy to use and inexpensive. Did we mention the great customer support? What’s

Russells Associates Ltd Chartered Accountants (Essex)

"There's ease of use with Capium, everything is so straightforward"

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, say hello to quick, efficient workwith Capium"

"Capium is a great product"

"Meet Andrew Waite, owner of AWA Accountants as he details his journey with Capium over the last 4 years, the benefits of using Capium and the challenges Capium has helped him overcome."

"The support team are fantastic"

"If there's something wrong and you need to get something sorted for a deadline tomorrow, the support team are fantastic, the integration is fantastic and the practice management is very good as well"

Everest & Cao - Accountant, Anuj Paudel

"It's better than what you're using right now"

"I told all my accounting colleagues when joined Capium, I said "I'm using this software, it's better than what you're using right now, I don't know what it is, but it's better". 

Greenwhite Accounting - Head of client services, Olujide Oyewo

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