Corporation Tax Software for Accountants

Our corporation tax software handles all the most common types of corporation tax returns and facilitates fast, efficient, and accurate calculations and submissions. Error handling, cross referencing and calculation notes: it’s all handled systematically by our software.

Software Designed to reduce the time your spend on Corporation Tax returns

“I am really pleased with the support that Capium has provided to allow us to get the most out of their corporation tax software. I needed an easy method of submitting CT600s and corporation tax returns, and Capium fitted the bill perfectly.

“You can see the live submission status direct from HMRC, which makes life easy when keeping clients in the loop. It’s a no-brainer for us.”

Use our CT600 software to submit directly to HMRC

Calculate and submit corporation tax returns to HMRC with our smart corporation tax software.

More collaboration

Your staff and clients have access to the same data at the same time from any location, propelling collaboration and productivity.

Keep track of your submission status

See live submission statuses direct from HMRC to easily keep clients in the loop about their tax returns.

All variations of CT600 forms supported

Your one-stop shop for CT600 software. Full forms, short forms, R&D: you can do it all with Capium’s corporation tax software.

Corporation tax software that actually simplifies your job

Fully recognised by HMRC, our software is the only cloud-based tool you’ll need to turn your practice into a well-oiled machine. Use automation tools to simplify submissions — and your job. 

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Easily submit accounts directly to HMRC

Use our automation features to auto-generate corporation tax returns. Use the time you save to properly analyse your work.  

Pre-submission checks

By automatically highlighting potential issues, Capium software reduces the chances of human error, allowing you to serve your clients better.

Auto-iXBRL tagging

Reduce your workload and save precious time with our auto-iXBRL tagging tool, standard with our corporation tax software.

A fully integrated tool that future proofs your practice

From MTD to GDPR, we anticipate and respond to the future so your practice can operate with confidence.

Integrates with other Capium products

Capium is an ecosystem of software. Connect our corporation tax software with your bookkeeping, and watch as your firm’s productivity intensifies.

GDPR Compliant

We take data protection seriously, which is why all our cloud-based software is hosted on multiple secure servers in the UK, and our staff follow all procedures to the letter. Rest assured your data is safe with us. 


Be MTD Ready

Get ready for MTD for corporation tax. We’ll take the hassle out of your preparations so you can be the accountant companies flock to for help!

Prices from as low as £18 per month for 100 clients

Frequently Asked Questions

You can track your submission status in real time as we receive live feedback from Companies House. You can also contact our support team by phone or email.
Yes! You can directly submit your corporation tax return with our corporation tax software.
Of course! As former accountants, we understand the need for a single piece of software that can do everything. Therefore, you can use our software to add pages A-J.
No, you don’t. Our software lets you create and submit amended and full returns.

Yes! We offer free support to all our clients. Our support team is available by phone from 8am to 6pm during weekdays, and from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Our corporation tax software handles all the most common types of corporation tax returns and facilitates fast, efficient, and accurate submissions.

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