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Capium’s cloud payroll software combines great features with ease of use.

“The cloud payroll software within Capium is excellent and we now use it for all our clients’ payroll needs. The ease of use and many features that Capium has packed in drew us to the software. They provide great levels of support when switching from other providers, thus Capium Payroll was an easy choice. We haven’t looked back!”

Automate Payroll In Just a Few Clicks

Our payroll software automates several payroll processes saving your team invaluable time.

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    Simple FPS and EPS submissions

    Submit periodic payroll information with clear view of impending deadlines

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    Easy to use Auto Enrolment option

    Assess, enroll and submit pensions

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    RTI Compliant

    Automate batch RTI submissions

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Access A Host Of Features and Great Reporting Tools

Manage your clients' payroll calculations and reporting efficiently. Allocate departments and provide better insight to your clients.

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    Manageable Bulk Payslips

    Save time processing bulk payroll information

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    Supplementary Submission Forms

    Generate and submit additional payroll documents such as P45, P60, P11D documents

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    Straight Forward End of Year Submissions

    Submit final returns

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    Analyse Payroll reports

    Create departments, assign employees and prepare payslips or reports for employees by department

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A Fully Integrated Tool That Future Proofs Your Practice

From being MTD ready to GDPR compliance, Capium anticipates and responds to the next bounce of the ball for your practice.

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    Integrates with other Capium modules

    Auto updates your data across all modules, saving you time and money

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    GDPR Compliant

    Compliant with the latest Data Protection legislation.

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    Be MTD Ready

    Get enrolled with HMRC and be ready for your next submission

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there access to support?

We offer free support to all our clients – we have telephone and ticketing support for your convenience.

What’s the difference between Payroll and Advanced Payroll?

Normal payroll is free for all customers for up to 3 employees. If they have more than 3 employees, they will have to purchase Advanced Payroll.

Does your Payroll software have Auto-Enrolment?

Yes, Auto-Enrolment is available in the Payroll module.

Are Payslips password protected?

Yes, Payslips are password protected by default and you have the option to disable this should you wish to.

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