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Practice Management

 Never miss a deadline with Capium’s practice manager software for accountants

“Practice Management is great because you can import your clients and it reminds you of your deadlines – so you never miss a deadline. We also use electronic document signing and storing areas which are a game changer for keeping a record of important client information. Everyone in the practice loves it.”

Every Aspect Of Your Practice At Your Fingertips

Get a clear overview of every aspect of your practice and never lose sight of critical tasks.

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    Streamlining Your Practice

    Integrated timesheets, task and deadline management

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    Intuitive CRM Turning Leads Into Clients

    Comprehensive reporting and Client task tracking

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    Accurate Billing and Auto Reminders for Client Deadlines

    Never miss a deadline or get fined for a late submission!

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Advanced Tools For The Connected Accountant

Our practice management module gives you state of the art tools to manage every aspect of your practice online and from anywhere.

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    CapiSign developed by Capium

    Secure eSigning process

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    Store important client documentation - securely backup Client data and provide access to electronic document collaboration

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    HMRC approved for 64-8 Client authentication

    Sign up new Clients with ease

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A Fully Integrated Tool That Future Proofs Your Practice

From being MTD ready to GDPR compliance, Capium anticipates and responds to the next bounce of the ball for your practice.

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    Integrates with other Capium modules

    Auto updates your data across all modules, saving you time and money.

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    GDPR Compliant

    Compliant with the latest Data Protection legislation.

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    Be MTD Ready

    Get enrolled with HMRC and be ready for your next submission

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Price As Low As £40 Per Month For 100 clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this capture deadlines?

Yes, once you login with your HMRC/CH credentials, it will automatically capture submission deadlines.

Does this support document signing?

Yes, with our CapiSign solution which is a part of our Practice Management module.

Is there document storing solution?

Yes, with our CapiDocs solution which is a part of our Practice Management module.

Does it support task creation?

Yes, you can create, assign and monitor tasks.

Is there access to support?

We offer free support to all our clients – we have telephone and ticketing support for your convenience.

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