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 Capium has made submitting self-assessment tax returns a breeze.

“Self-assessment returns have never been easier. Capium’s cloud-based software supports everything you need to produce and submit tax returns, drawing directly from your bookkeeping data for accurate results and maximum efficiency. With no limit on staff user licences, your whole team can use it, and our support team is on hand to help with any challenges along the way.”

Our Self Assessment Tax Return Software Saves You Time and Effort

Get a clear overview of everything on your plate and never lose track of an important task.

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    Seamless integration with HMRC

    Capium is HMRC-recognised and supports one-click submission, so you can send your clients’ returns in no time at all.

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    Keep track of your submission status

    View the submission status of every tax return you send, giving you peace of mind it’s with HMRC ahead of the deadline.

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    SA100, SA800 and SA900 forms supported

    Report, generate and submit the correct forms to HMRC for individual, partnership, trust and estate returns.

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Accountancy Software Designed by Accountants

Capium is purpose-built for accountants, with everything you need to process your clients’ tax returns smoothly.

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    No limits on tax returns sent

    Process as many returns as you need to for your clients, with no cap on the number you can run through the system.

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    Easily submit supplementary forms

    Easily submit supplementary forms

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    Enhanced error warnings and handling

    Capium flags any potential errors, so you can review, adjust and confirm the figures on the return with minimum disruption.

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Futureproof your accounting practice

From MTD readiness to GDPR compliance, Capium anticipates and responds to the next bounce of the ball for your practice.

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    Integrates with other Capium modules

    Our self-assessment module updates your data across the rest of the Capium suite, saving you time and money.

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    GDPR Compliant

    Your clients’ sensitive data is safe and secure with Capium, keeping you compliant with the latest data protection legislation.

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    Be MTD-ready

    Get enrolled with HMRC and be ready for your next submission – Capium is approved for use under MTD requirements.

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Price As Low As £15 Per Month For 100 clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on how many returns I can process?

No, you are charged on the number of clients you run through the system, not on the amount of returns.

What if there is an issue with a return?

We receive live feedback from Companies House, meaning you can track your submission status in real time. You can also contact our support team by phone or ticketing for your convenience.

Do you support Partnership Returns?

Yes, using our SA900 sub-module.

Are there provisions for Capital Gains Tax?

Absolutely, you can add the supplementary page pertaining to Capital Gains.

Is there access to support?

We offer free support to all our clients – we have telephone and ticketing support for your convenience.

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