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Capium has made it easy for us to transition our business to be MTD compliant and ready.

“It was easy for us to transfer our data from excel sheets and QuickBooks into the Bookkeeping module; from there it was just a question of signing up to MTD and since Capium is MTD compatible software, we were able to submit our VAT returns to HMRC effortlessly.”

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From being MTD ready to GDPR compliance, Capium anticipates and responds to the next bounce of the ball for your practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is an issue with a return?

We receive live feedback from HMRC, meaning you can track your submission status in real time. You can also contact our support team by phone or ticketing for your convenience.

Can you submit your return to HMRC online?

Yes, you are able to directly submit your return to HMRC from the Corporation Tax module.

Does the module support Supplementary pages?

Yes, you re able to add pages A – J.

Do I only need to submit a full return?

No, there is allowance to create and submit Amended returns as well as Full returns.

Is there access to support?

We offer free support to all our clients – we have telephone and ticketing support for your convenience.