When Rachel Pike left her job in 2009, it was a blessing in disguise. Though it was a trying time in her life, going from earning a nice salary to an uncertain future, it brought her an opportunity to start her own accounting practice.

It often isn’t an easy process to start your own business, but Rachel had a dream and ambition that led her to build a successful and growing practice. 

“It started with just myself working only 4 hours a week, and then the business grew to where we are today; I now have 4 employees and everything that could change has changed basically.”

BKS Accounts started using Capium’s Integrated Cloud software in  April 2021 and it is used by all their employees. They currently use various of the integrated modules including payroll, bookkeeping, accounts production, and self-assessment. 

“We essentially went on to Capium for several reasons: We wanted to be able to offer bookkeeping, bookkeeping software to clients. Obviously we were using a separate software for Accounts production at the time, but eventually it made more sense to have all our required software on one platform; so we decided to take advantage of Capium’s integration and also started using their accounts production module. And obviously, we can also work remotely with it, which was a huge help during the pandemic more than any other time.

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