The days where an accountant would spend countless hours filing paperwork, creating payroll sheets and analyzing them until the wee hours of the morning are long gone. As technology and automation work together to help today’s accountants become more efficient, more effective and, of course, much more punctual, accountants seem to have it easy. Sure, they still shoulder the brunt of a company’s financial stress and one small error could lead to a much larger headache later on if left unnoticed, but cloud payroll technology is certainly paving the way to make the life of an accountant much easier than ever before.

Cloud payroll software not only makes life easier, it also saves both time and money; things that corporations value dearly. Plus, by saving time, automated cloud payroll systems can also help a company avoid any late penalties that could be incurred during high volume periods where an accountant’s workload prohibits them from filing payroll early.

With an automated cloud payroll system, payroll is automatically run on preset dates and submission to HMRC can also be provided. Imagine the possibilities of getting more done in less time and with less staff; the office of the future is here today and many of the successful companies are taking note.

When companies save time and avoid late filing fees, the bottom line looks better and when a company ensures that payroll is filed on the date that it is supposed to be, they have much happier employees. Is it time for your company to start using an automated cloud payroll system? Can you afford the time it takes to train accountants on the new system or even the cost a cloud payroll system could initially incur?

The answer to all of these questions lie in a company’s specific needs and goals. The time to use an automated cloud payroll system is now and the time and expense needed to get started is small compared to the savings that any company in any market niche will see in a very short time. For more information on how an automated cloud payroll system can help your business, please contact Capium today and see what our professionals can do for you.

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