Don’t miss out on Capium’s Summer Deal!

We want you to enjoy your summer, so why not start using Accounting software (if you don’t already) that provides you with the luxury of working from anywhere and at any time. 

With Capium, this is easy to do – Will this cost you? Of course it will… But as a first time user – and if you purchase this month – you will save over 25% on the actual software! 

We want to support our Accountants as much as possible and want you to enjoy the summer: With 3 months extra FREE on our software, that not only saves you on time, it opens your world up a bit more for flexibility.

As an Accountant you want to make sure that you’re free and flexible for your client, so why expect less from your software? With Capium you can get more! 

What do you get with Capium? 

  • Free Support 6 days week
  • Regular updates (more than 4 a quarter)
  • Unlimited user licences for your practice 
  • And much more! 

Register for a FREE trial or book in a demo today to find out more and see for yourself.

Register for a trial and get 3 Months for FREE if you purchase any Capium products this summer. This way you will also be able to save a few pounds to spend on your summer vacation!

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