In this FREE training webinar, our guest presenter Reza Hooda (practice owner, coach & mentor to accountants) will be sharing ‘How to increase your fees, win clients and outperform the competition in ANY economic climate’. Reza will be sharing from his own experiences of running his firm and from the stories of accountants he works with, how it’s not only possible to survive – but THRIVE – in ANY economic climate.

You will learn:

  • Why now is the BIGGEST opportunity in decades to grow your firm and how to take advantage (before your competition do)
  • WHAT you need to be doing to be able to charge fees of £10,000+ AND have clients stay with you for longer
  • HOW to charge higher prices for what you do (and have better clients wanting to work with you)

This training is NOT to be missed!

Reza will also be around to take your questions LIVE after the training so you can take some practical advice from the session.

Register now to save your space as demand will be high for this one (limited spaces available)

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