Accounting is a summarized report concerning the fiscal data of a particular business activity. Accountants prepare reports including assets, liabilities and dealing outcome of an industry. They defend and review these proceedings, whereas making financial reports like income statement, money flow statement and Balance sheet. Accounting is a very important exercise for any business; either it’s small, medium or a giant firm, all wants competent folks to sustain their important fiscal information. Handling accounting activities for small businesses can be hard to retain and administer, once you focus on other issues.

Maintaining the books like year-end accounts, bookkeeping, tax etc., are often a tedious and time consuming matter. Though, with the introduction of technology and the internet, accounting and bookkeeping has become very simple to systematize. Online accounting bridges a platform through that you’ll access your accounts online at one click; it conjointly comes at a fairly low value. If you would like to avoid wasting some time, then online accounting may well be the most effective result for you and your company.

Financial Accounting mainly creates the subsequent financial statements:

  • Income Statement (referred to as profit & loss [P&L] statement)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance

Income Statement

The income statement addresses a company’s profitability throughout a specified duration of time. The time duration is chosen by the company. The most parts of the income statement are profit, expenses, gains and losses.

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet shows a company’s fiscal position at the end of a specific date.The balance sheet is structured into three components –

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Investor’s equity at a precise date (difference between the amount of assets and liabilities)

Trial Balance

A bookkeeping worksheet within which all ledger balances are grouped into debit and credit columns. The common reason of providing a trial balance is to make sure the entries in a company’s bookkeeping system are mathematically correct.

Capium is an easy to use web-based service that permits you to classify your funds more effectively. We have included above mentioned accounting features in our accounting software. If you fill one transaction in a module, it will be automatically mirrored in different connected modules, where it’s needed, in our accounting system. This could ease your operating of doing multiple entries, hence, it’ll be simply handled by non accounting professionals. We have added all the important accounting features in our accounting software. Our software is specially prepared for small and medium size businesses. It’s tagged as small business accounting software. You can give access to your accountants or other staff, regardless of their location.

With our online accounting software, you can easily prepare P&L account report, Balance sheet reports, Vat reports, creditors and debtors report and trial balance report etc. Now, on a click you can generate varied different reports like sales report, expenses report and payment to supplier report etc. You can easily

get your customer list, supplier list, and also know a payment to supplier, transaction by a particular supplier, sales invoice list. You can get sales, expenses and different vital chart reports, that helps you in knowing your company’s current performance as compare to previous one.

Our online software eases your workload and you’ll be able to get varied reports of your desires in an exceedingly fast succession. We welcome your valuable suggestions that ultimately profit our system!

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