“Our firm migrated from Iris to Capium in April 2021, mid-pandemic, which was a big step as we had been using Iris software for over 30 years, but we do not regret it. By moving to Capium, we have saved over £2,000 per month! Capium enabled us to survive through the pandemic by taking away some of the pressures and burden we were facing, and gave us optimistic opportunities for the future. 

With Capium, we can work remotely when required without depending on desktop tools as everything is cloud-based making the suite accessible from anywhere. I was once on leave and one of my clients called me up to request some information and I was impressed as to how simple and quick it was to find it for her on my iPad. The software is also very simple to work with on any device. Everything is accessible from anywhere, at any time and at a lower IT cost!

We have 5 employees, all using the full Capium suite, for over 600 clients. Our onboarding experience was very straightforward and the Capium support team gave you time to play around with Capium during the training sessions and online tutorials we had with them. All in all, their online help and support team standards are very good and all of our tickets and queries are addressed and solved within a couple of hours.

The general user interface and user experience is sleek, simple, and designed with a common sense approach. The Self Assessment module is my favourite, as I have spent a lot of time on it recently and it made my life so much easier when submitting Tax Returns during the last couple of months.  Accounts Production speed is instant and great compared to Iris. The Capium suite is MTD ready, and the modules flow through allowing me to move between them easily. Now that Assessment season is over, we are looking forward to utilising the direct emailing feature we’ve been waiting to explore. I highly recommend Capium to anyone who wants to make their practice productive and efficient, and at a reasonable cost.”


Chris Kember, Senior Partner at Sinden Thackeray Partnership


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