Contact Management System started out as a way for individuals to create an electronic database of customers and business contacts. But due to scope expansion, client management tool has aroused a different sense as companies have explored new ways to consolidate, streamline and share customer information. Today CMS is all about to keep a record and track of customers, clients and supplier interactions, including emails, faxes, calendars, projects and sales documents and more….. Capium is one of those online accounting software that supports all aforementioned CMS features.

The older method of using Microsoft Outlook with a simplified database has become largely obsolete. Entrepreneurs can boost up productivity and lower costs by managing all information with a single, integrated platform rather than a proliferation of CMS tools with different data collection schemes. It’s important to manage contacts and leads, since effective and beneficial management can definitely empower your company. Overcoming difficulties like handling too many customers, information that is duplicated, various users, stack of spread sheets and to run numerous searches, benefits of a good contact management system results in easy track of data, generating reports and fast accessibility. Capium is updated with all new solutions and is unique at its scale of CMS. Contact Management Resources like contact managers, contact outlook, contact database, contact organiser, contact sharing, enhances its profits and you will find that your business becomes a whole lot more efficient and all has been enrolled into Capium. Thus Capium is not only accounting software but it also presents best CMS in its zone.

In Capium, at the heart of CMS, you will have all the necessary features that are important for your terms and relations. Record will be brought automatically at your fingertips, in one screen, like all the emails sent and received, all the social interactions and social networks, all the activities you are working on, notes you have entered, and deals you have made or have in pipeline. The entire history will appear. Thus the main advantage of Contact Management System is to bring relevant and contextual knowledge about contacts in immediate view.

Our online accounting software CAPIUM has therefore solved the key issues of firms, who face difficulties in maintaining the client’s complete set of records.

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