The term “Online Accounting” itself is a self-explanatory term which means making your accounting related transactions and invoices online rather than on desktop or rarely used system in your books. Today in this era of super computers, even if you are using a desktop application for your accounting related tasks then, I’m sorry to say you are lacking miles behind the other business professionals who are using Online Accounting software with best of security to their data and 24X7 availability to their latest transactions online.

Online Accounting and the business today are closely coupled to each other resulting in best of security and the anytime status check of your business, whether it is running healthy or you need to put on some more efforts to make it better. To make quick, random and strong decisions in this fast moving world, there must be a quick and easy access to your financials reports at a go. So Online Accounting is the only way to do so and make your business run with best of decisions, because what matters today is right decision at the right time.

Features of Online Accounting:
• No more desktop application installations and downloads.
• As easy as accessing a website.
• Easy to use features with minimal accounting knowledge.
• No more clumsy backups and threat to data security for your sensitive information.
• Backups are as easy as sending a mail on single click.
• Quick access to clean and latest financial reports & many more…

Capium Online Accounting is designed and developed as per the latest trend and keeping in mind about the standards that our client would expect to see. With Capium Online Accounting you would never feel away from your business getting the best of results and crystal clear transactions with financial report at a go. Our Online Accounting product is as easy to access any ordinary website but with enhanced features and anytime access to your company’s status.
User friendly environment with easy features and best of security to your day-to-day transactions which can be accessed on any part of the planet with just an internet connection. No more desktop dependencies as you can get all you need wherever you are no matter what time it is.
Desktop software would bound you to take time to time backup of your invoices and transactions. Also what if the system gets crashed today and you had taken the backup last month? There are most of the people who doesn’t take backups at all. But as Capium Online Accounting is a web based application, your worries of backups is minimized to a great level. All your entries and transactions backed-up, as and when you made it, on our servers.

With Capium Online Accounting you are always backed up, secure and trust us, you don’t have to do a thing for the same. Our Web based Accounting system will serve you the best.

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