Capium is thrilled to announce that we have secured a significant amount of investment of three million pounds.

This investment is an important step for the company, allowing Capium to continue to develop and strengthen its Cloud Accounting software, founded in 2013, and extend its reach into the mid-tier market for Accountancy Practices. This will also allow expanding into other market spaces if desired.

As Capium continues to rapidly grow, this investment will largely support the development of the Cloud Accounting Software platform. Capium strongly believes in breaking barriers and continuing to strive for improving Accountants’ and bookkeepers’ lives by providing them with the software that they truly need at an inexpensive price.

Tushir Patel, Co-Founder “We are excited about what this continued investment in our products will do and bring for our customers. This will propel us forward for practices, as we are already established in the Accounting Cloud space, we will look to further develop other areas within our product portfolio.”

Capium strongly believes that we should have sustainability in mind when developing and delivering quality software, enabling customers to confidently face the challenges of MTD and now MTD for ITSA while continuing to support its customers as best as possible through software and support services.

Sanjay Bhiraju, Co-Founder and CEO, “We are proud to work very closely with our accountants and will continue to work with them, to ease their workload. We are confident that this investment will contribute to delivering exactly what Accountants need and want from their Cloud Accounting software providers – especially now when they need it the most.”


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