When it comes to accounting software every user has their go-to, favorite feature, that helps them go from manual data entry and time-consuming tasks to smashing their day-to-day tasks in real-time.

If you run a small business, accounting software is the barrier breaker you need to transform your practice and reach your goals. Over 1300 accountants have banked on Capium to do just this and more. So we’re going to be sharing with you, from our client’s perspective why Capium is the perfect tool for accountants.

Our users haven’t been shy to highlight their favourite features in Capium and were excited to present with you our top four features voted by Capium users.

This week we’ll be starting with – Capium’s Cloud accounting

Capium cloud accounting is easy to access anywhere, anytime to all your data

Capium cloud accounting allows accountants to manage their practice from their fingertips. Restriction-free, Cloud accountant means whether you’re remote working at home or whether you’re enjoying the sun, waves, and relaxation on holiday you can still manage all your data from one place.

At Capium we are innovative at our core. Our 100% easy-to-cloud software was created to empower accountants with tools such as our workflow management and more. This means you truly have the time to scale your business and future proof your business whilst remaining compliant with direct integrations to HMRC and companies house.

You can receive all of these benefits at an incredibly competitive price, so you don’t have to break the bank. Capium’s cloud accounting is the root of the full suite package.

-Full suite for a small package is £1.15 +VAT per client per month

-Full suite for a medium package is £0.85 +VAT per client per month

-Full suite for a large package is £0.69 +VAT per client per month

If you’re eager to learn more about the benefits of cloud accounting with Capium, why not contact our product specialist today, and begin taking advantage of our innovative software.

You’ve heard from our clients and you’ve heard from us, so why not take the plunge today.

Put it to the test. Book a demo today to find what all the buzz is about. You can also find out about our services or talk to our product specialist to find out more about how Capium can support you now. If you’re interested to find out more about our services book a phone consultation today. Our support team is on hand to help you if you have any further questions.

To hear the full podcast you can listen here.

Join us next week for the second installment of our feature of the week.

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