Capium offers a unique combination of six completely integrated modules that serves for all your accounting needs. Integration amongst all these modules significantly reduces the burden of manual inputs and efforts as it automates the process to a very large extent.

The chain of integration works from Payroll to Bookkeeping (posting of auto-journals), Bookkeeping to Accounts Production (Trial Balance), Accounts Production to Corporation Tax (Accounts Report is used for directly creating CT600 Return), Accounts Production to Self-Assessment (Turnover and Profits), Bookkeeping to Self-Assessment (Turnover and Profits), and Practice Management to Bookkeeping (posting Sales Invoices to the Accounting Firm).

Features like “Bulk FPS” and “Bulk EPS” have been recently incorporated in the Capium system, these features reduce the repetitive manual task of the user and provide you an impeccable experience. Many such features are already in the development phase and will very soon be ready to use.

Capium welcomes any sort of feedback or suggestion from the users and undertakes all innovative ideas from its clients thereby transforming those ideas into reality by practical implementation in the Capium application.

Besides being a one-stop solution for all the accountants and accounting practitioners, Capium lays a very strong emphasis on developing a robust yet flexible system which is not only easy to use but also meets up to the expectations of all its users.

Team Capium

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