We spoke with Jonathan Myers, director of UWM Accountants who not only saved £20k with Capium but also increased his team’s efficiency and clients efficiency.

Technology embracing software, the key for modern accountants

”Capium has always embraced technology … 10 years ago before I started on the cloud journey I was on the desktop. I was with IRIS before but Capium had what I needed. They are cloud-based and do everything plus more.”

Cloud and cost with Capium

”Capium’s cloud-based software is what really sold it for me, aside from this cost. Capium is considerably cheaper than IRIS was.”  

Revolutionised day to day life with Capium

”Flexibility is a key proponent. Capium gives me the flexibility to communicate with my customers at my convenience and to their satisfaction. It means whether I am working at the office or I’m working from home I have the resources to meet Customers face-to-face and virtually.”

Saving big with Capium

”I was able to save over £20k. Saving over £20k has been a huge benefit, but apart from the obvious saving advantage, the increased efficiency gained for my team and my clients is the biggest gain.”

Overcoming the Covid challenge with Capium

”Before the pandemic, we were already working from home and using Capium, so there was no major transition for us. Working from home and using Capium meant that we already benefited from the flexibility Capium enables with its cloud software.”

Security from beginning to end with Capium

”Capium provides security at their end. We’re able to secure everything as it’s hosted in the cloud, my team can access important client data and documents using the two-step authentication for example which makes them feel data is secure.”

Work process transformation with Capium

”It has fundamentally changed our business. From paper files to electronic document submission. From in-person signatures to e-signatures. Being able to do with Capium changes the way we do everything. Capium is one more tool that we can use in the cloud that provides security and efficiency for everybody.”

Accountants find growth formula with Capium

”Capium augments everything we do, and to conduct new business, and to do it better, which will help us to grow our business.”

Accounting software must have’s

”A company that has real people you can talk to, that is open to discussion, a company that truly supports and cares about your accounting practice is a major plus point.” 

Today over 1400+ accountants have transformed their practice with Capium’s cloud benefits. Ready to join the community?

If you want to start taking advantage of the benefits with Capium now, why not book a free demo and speak to our specialist today, or get stuck in with our free trial here.


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