With so much going on, we forget to appreciate the amazing work that Accountants do for their clients!

Accounting is a vital part of any business, so we here at Capium are glad that it has its special day! 

What is today about? 

Well, it’s about understanding the profession in a better way, but for us, it’s a day to celebrate all the weird and wonderful things that Accountants do for businesses. They truly are the unsung heroes of today. 

Today helps to educate others about the field, people who may want to join the profession more and people who do not know enough about what Accountants do!

So a little history for you

International Accounting Day was first started in 1972 in the land of California, USA by a society of Institute of Management Accountants. Needless to say, Accountants have been coming together ever since via their chosen industry bodies. 

Perhaps this is how networking events started and made their way over to the UK. Who knows! But one thing is for certain. There is never a dull moment in the life of an accountant – especially when (digital) spreadsheets are concerned. 

Cake anyone? 

So why not treat yourself today – have a slice of cake with your cuppa? Add some sparkle to your very own special day!

Happy International Accounting day! We appreciate you all. 

Want to listen to a webinar while you have your cuppa and cake? 

Why not register for our webinar this month to see how Capium can best support you through software? 

Register Here for our webinar on the 17th of November.

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