The cloud is talked about so often in modern business, computing, and in life in general. But what does it mean? And is it secure?

As a provider of a cloud solution ourselves, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about cloud computing and whether it’s secure enough for your business. 

What is ‘the cloud’?

If you use a smartphone or connect to the internet, the chances are that you use the cloud. Existing in massive server banks scattered across the globe, the cloud is a blanket term for storage that doesn’t exist locally.

Similarly, many programs now run online through the cloud, too, using cloud computing. That includes creative applications, accounting software, and of course, business suites for accountants.

Traditionally, everyone would store their data locally — either on hard drives or localised servers. The maintenance of this model was simply never going to last. If you still host your data locally, you’ll be all too aware of the costs and upkeep required to maintain a storage server.

Using the cloud means you depend on an internet connection, which 10 years ago might have caused an issue. Nowadays, you’ll rarely find somewhere where you can’t connect.

Once connected to the cloud, you can save files, access programs, and increase productivity. Devices are smaller and better suited for connectivity, meaning business can be done from pretty much anywhere.

Is it secure?

Security is paramount to business owners, entrepreneurs, and accountants — like you. Just because something is in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s automatically secure. Any provider worth working with, however, will use encryption to protect your data. 

At Capium, we work with Microsoft to do this, using their Azure platform to keep your information from getting hacked or accessed by someone who shouldn’t see it.

Security should be taken very seriously by any cloud provider — they should do regular backups of your data and have dedicated teams you can speak to should you be worried about something — so check this before you sign up for any service.

How does Capium work? 

Our business suite is designed to help busy accountants manage all their clients quickly and efficiently.

We take security and compliance very seriously — you can have the best feature set in the world, but if you can’t back it up with the right protocols, you’re putting your clients at risk and your credibility in serious jeopardy.

Some of the actions we implement include:

    • No saved passwords — We won’t allow browsers to save your login, preventing computer fraud or malware from accessing this information.
    • Auto logout If you’re inactive for a period of time, you’ll be automatically logged out.
    • Information access — only the minimum number of people can access the platform and servers. Normally this would be senior executives and department heads.

Making the right decisions

Sadly, there will always be people out for your data, business and money. Much like having your car stolen, there are only so many things you can do to mitigate the circumstances around theft.

But the cloud is far more secure when managed by the right people. 

We’ve been making accountants’ lives easier and more secure through rigorous checks and security protocols that make accessing the cloud a breeze and give you the protection you need to take care of your clients.

Moving your accounting data to the cloud can seem daunting at first — that’s why we offer a free trial to help you see what we offer. And you’ll have access to free support throughout the trial, so any questions, all you have to do is ask.

Contact us today to find out more.

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