Changing customer needs and radical technological developments have given rise to a game-changer that has not only challenged but advanced accountant’s day-to-day lives.

Accounting software is the modern-day problem solver that accountants need to propel their business forward.

Many accountants who have jumped aboard the accounting software train have seen the benefits in performance, flexibility, productivity, and business growth.

When it comes to accounting software every user has their go-to, favourite feature that helps them go from manual data entry and time-consuming tasks to smashing their day-to-day tasks in real-team.

If you run a small business accounting software is the barrier breaker you need to transform your practice and reach your goals. Over 1300 accountants have banked on Capium to do just that and more. So we’re going to be sharing with you, from our client’s perspective why Capium is the perfect tool for accountants.

This month we’re excited to share with you our top four features voted by Capium users. Last week we started with a bang, discussing everything cloud accounting. This week, we’ll be diving deep into IXBRL tagging.

IXBRL filing is mandatory. Companies House and HMRC require businesses to submit their financial statements in IXBRL format.

IXBRL isn’t hard to find when looking for compliance software, so why is Capim’s IXBRL tagging preferred?

Our clients love IXBRL tagging with Capium firstly because it’s automatic. Our intelligent software enables IXBRL tagging creation at the click of a button. Secondly, it’s done instantly, where some other platforms require you to wait 10-15mins for the tagging to be completed. Thirdly clients can export IXBRL accounts. You don’t need to complete your IXBRL in Capium, our clients have the flexibility to generate the IXBRL account and export it to a desktop.

At Capium, not only are we innovative at our core, but we have made your compliance our priority. We created Capium to make compliance a breeze.

To help you stay in business for the long-run, our software is built to help you safe and compliant in real-time. We’ll help you keep moving with the changes and difficult times by giving you the tools and support to comply now and in the future.

With Capium on your side, you’ll truly have the time to scale and future-proof your business whilst remaining compliant.

You can receive these fantastic benefits at an incredibly competitive price, so you can transform your practice without breaking the bank. IXBRL tagging is a small part of our full suite package which starts from £1.15 +VAT per client per month with our small package. Alternatively, our medium package is £0.85 +VAT per client per month. We also offer a larger package for £0.69 +VAT per client per month.

If you’re eager to learn more about the benefits of IXBRL tagging or to hear more about how we can support your compliance needs, why not contact our product specialist today, and begin taking advantage of our innovative software.

You’ve heard from our clients and you’ve heard from us, so why not take the plunge today.

Put it to the test. Book a demo today to find what all the buzz is about. You can also find out about our services or talk to our product specialist to find out more about how Capium can support you now. If you’re interested to find out more about our services book a phone consultation today. Our support team is on hand to help you if you have any further questions.

To hear the full podcast you can listen here.

Join us next week for the third instalment of our feature of the week.

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