Employer Payment Summary is the most common way of informing HMRC about the amount that is to be recouped. If entitled to any employment allowance, you may simply send an EPS to notify HMRC about this. As the former cannot be automated, we have now automated the latter i.e. EPS for claiming employment allowance.

In a situation where you are fortunate enough to have a high number of clients and one needs to submit the EPS (to claim employment allowance) of every client; it can become a very tedious and monotonous task to specifically repeat the process for every single client. So to ease the task and lessen the burden we have introduced an outstanding feature called “Bulk EPS” which not only significantly reduces the burden of the continuous process of submitting the EPS; but also is a major time-saving tool.

This is just an example of Capium’s system comprising of many such big and small features that unravels complex processes, thereby providing the accountant a fantastic experience of ease with an uncomplicated approach.

We at Capium continue to welcome all the suggestions that we can practically implement to ease the course of actions involved in the process of accounting practices, for any such suggestion, feel free to contact us.

Team Capium

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