After a year of refining our product range, Capium has now finally entered into the accounting practice market as a software provider.

With a suite of modules ranging from bookkeeping, payroll, accounts production, corporation tax and practice management; accounting practices now have an alternative solution to their current software provider. With a personal tax module due to be released August ’14, Capium’s ethos has always been to simplify an accountant’s working life, through the range of products on offer. The intent of our complete product range will be to streamline the processes and efficiencies within accountancy firms.

However the work doesn’t stop there. By maintaining our engagement process of feedback from our early adopters, we are continuing to forever develop fantastic new functionality for practices to bear fruit.

Capium vows to make accounting practices fully automated by the end of this year. In doing so, will allow our clients to focus on greater revenue generating aspects of their business. By leaving the menial tasks for Capium to undertake, will allow practices to increase their profit margins by ways of consulting and advisory services; subsequently improving the health of their client’s business. Increased output and productivity are only some of the benefits of introducing automation within a practice. Other key factors include reducing the cost of the labor force, whilst having a centralised point of data access within a practice. We envisage our clients to then have opportunities of enhancing upon their staff’s current skill set, to manage a greater level of work, whilst adding greater process controls to their practice.

These are all crucial factors in making the decision to switch to a fully integrated cloud service provider.

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