If we learned one thing in 2020, it was that you don’t need to be at your place of business to run your business.

Coronavirus may have put the brakes on international travel for now but once society properly opens up again, what’s to stop you living the dream and running your business from the beach?

Powerful cloud software makes the world your oyster

The real game-changer is the mass adoption of cloud software following the disruption caused by the pandemic.

While many people will miss aspects of face-to-face meetings, there can be no doubt of the convenience and cost-efficiency of video conferencing. These guarantee that video calls are here to stay even after we can meet in person again. They have become a cultural norm.

To this point, they have meant that you can meet people from the comfort of your own home. But when restrictions ease, it would be just as easy to attend these meetings from warmer climes, possibly with a G&T just out of shot.

Video conferencing software is just the start.

Cloud accounting packages like Capium put all the important financials at your fingertips, as well as being able to store and send out key documentation like invoices.

Microsoft pushed all its key Office software into the cloud long ago with the powerful M365 package, under pressure from Google’s ever more powerful G-Suite.

And you can take your pick from dozens, if not hundreds, of cloud project management, marketing and sales apps, all accessible from laptop, tablet and mobile.

The people you leave behind

Let’s assume you are taking your family with you on your adventure, or you are not settled down yet. However, you may have a team that needs managing – and you will definitely have clients.

With Capium’s practice management module, you can run your accountancy firm from almost anywhere, on any device, with access to all the key client data and processes.

They will need reassurance that things are going to work, and that will take some planning. Cloud software is designed with collaboration in mind, so make sure that everyone you will work with is comfortable with the technology. Set expectations and give people time to adjust.

We are already seeing it working: one of our clients runs an accountancy firm from a villa in the tropics using video conferencing and cloud software.

Other considerations

Cloud solutions are great but good comms and IT infrastructure are essential if you are to rely on them. If your Internet keeps cutting out it will kill your productivity – and also your credibility if video calls are constantly interrupted.

Even if the Internet is reliable, it’s sensible to have a plan B. Buying a local SIM card could provide invaluable mobile data should there be an unexpected outage.

Likewise, a tech upgrade is a good idea before you embark abroad. Making sure your laptop is powerful enough to do the tasks at hand and under warranty if it malfunctions will help you to enjoy your time overseas.

Depending on where you set your sights, the time difference may be a factor. If you have a lot of client meetings, or your work is based upon collaboration, you will have to work out how best to synchronise back with the UK.

Don’t forget that if you spend significant time outside of the UK, it may affect your residency and tax status. But we hardly need to tell accountants that, do we?

The key to your future

If running a business from the beach has been your life-long dream, then the technology of today can make it happen. Our full suite cloud practice management solution will set you free – get in touch to find out more. Book a free demo with our product specialist to start your journey to freedom and flexibility today.

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