Strengthening AML Compliance with Capium and Veriphy

Are you up-to-date with the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations? Do you want to ensure your business remains compliant while streamlining your processes? If so, we invite you to join our upcoming webinar, “Strengthening AML Compliance with Capium and Veriphy” where we will delve into the essential strategies and tools you need to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of AML compliance. 

During this comprehensive webinar, our expert speakers will cover: 

  • Key AML regulations and their implications for your practice. 
  • How Capium’s cutting-edge accounting software integrates seamlessly with Veriphy’s verification solutions to enhance compliance. 
  • Practical tips for implementing effective AML policies and procedures. 
  • Real-world case studies showcasing successful AML strategies. 

With the increasing complexity of AML regulations, staying informed and equipped with the right tools is more important than ever. By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to ensure your business remains compliant and efficient. 

Webinar Details: 

Date: Wednesday 26th June 2024 

Time: 12PM 

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes 

Hosted by: Capium & Veriphy 


Nicholas Cheyne, Director of Product & Growth, Capium 

Adam Watts, Account Manager, Veriphy 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your AML compliance strategies. Register now to secure your spot! 

For any inquiries, please contact us at 020 3322 5578. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Stay compliant, stay ahead with Capium and Veriphy. 

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