“I moved to Capium from Iris because their pricing is more reasonable; I was paying too much as I have a niche client base, I am saving money and still have software that does everything I need it to do. It was also a smooth transition from working on desktop software to a cloud-based one.

The interaction through Capium with HMRC has been great! Tax returns have been so much easier and quicker to prepare. I am impressed with the way MyAdmin and Personal TAX modules work, as they make my tasks easy and quick to accomplish. The fact that everything is integrated into one suite, and that most modules are linked, is efficient and I save time.

The rapid response and support from the Capium team is also excellent, where I get more direct contact and help than the previous provider I had. Capium staff work quite fast to make changes and I was pleasantly surprised how seriously they take my queries and suggestions!”


Adrian Greenway, Aplus Accountancy Limited.

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