Are you an accountant or a practice owner? Well, you know all too well the importance of handling your clients’ finances accurately and ensuring they stay compliant with the latest tax laws. But let’s face it, managing accounting tasks can be a real headache, leaving you with little time for anything else. Thankfully, Capium’s got your back with our amazing cloud-based accounting software that offers comprehensive solutions, all while saving you time and money.

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Say goodbye to the stress and hello to efficiency with Capium. This fantastic software allows you to streamline your accounting processes and access all your financial information from one convenient platform. From importing transactions and reconciling bank feeds to producing various reports and submitting tax returns, Capium has you covered. Plus, you can even manage customer relationships effortlessly and assign tasks and deadlines to your staff. It’s like having a personal assistant at your fingertips!

So why wait? Join the Capium webinar on Wednesday at 1:00 PM to find out more and experience a whole new level of accounting efficiency with ease.

With Capium, you can streamline your accounting tasks and access all your financial information from one central ecosystem. This cloud-based software provides you with all the essentials for a Practice Haven!


  • A brief overview of Capium
  • Overview of the full suite
  • Producing reports for your customers and practice
  • Manage your customer’s relationships with ease
  • Assigning tasks and deadlines for your Practice

The webinar takes place on Wednesday the 9th of August at 1:00 PM 2023, with a chance to ask our team any questions at the end. 

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If you want to speak to someone directly about your Practice requirements, book a demo or call our team on 020 3322 5578, or experience Capium by signing up for a FREE trial; no credit card registration is required.

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