This June marks the Queen’s 70 years of service

Whether you like the Queen or not, there is no denying what her Majesty has done for the UK! From her international relationships to her UK endorsements.

The Queen is the first British monarch to ever celebrate a 70th Jubilee. To mark the occasion, various events have been planned around the UK, not to mention the long bank holiday!

If you run a business within the UK, here are 4 very good reasons why the Queen is great for business!

1.UK Royal branding is strong

The Queen is a powerful and respected symbol for the UK and remains so. This is great from a branding point of view.

All in all, the House of Windsor is estimated by Forbes to contribute £170 billion to Britain’s pre-pandemic economy. A proven point that the Royals contribute to the UK economy.

2. Soft Power

The Queen has very strong international relationships, this is an undeniable contributor to the UK. One very important part of this is that the Royals have always been seen to cherish heritage and tradition. This plays a big part in the UK being seamless when it comes to innovation. Capium could be your business’ soft power. Capium has heritage in Cloud Accounting software: We started off with Cloud and have nearly a decade of experience within the cloud architecture. It’s important to know that your business data in the cloud is always protected and Capium has been prioritising this feature (and much more!) for its customers since it was founded in 2013

3.The Royal Crest

Many Businesses benefit from the Royal crest Royal: Warrants have been granted since the 15th century and it is the sense of history and tradition that the crest garners a product or service that boosts its marketability.

There are around 800 holders of a Royal Warrant, which marks out the goods and services the Queen and her household use. But ultimately, it signifies the desirability of British lifestyle and has come to symbolise quality and excellence. Those holding the warrant range from individual craftsmen to multinational companies like Kellogg’s and Unilever-owned Hellman’s mayonnaise.

4.Royal Ambassador

It’s true! The Queen’s presence is so strong that whatever she wears, from a new suit to her umbrellas, to wherever she eats – that business is bound to do well! This is also good for the hospitality and tourism industry which in turn contributes to the UK’s economy.


To mark the occasion, Capium will be offering extended trials to new prospects. So, if you know of anyone looking for integrated Cloud software – get in touch You can register here. Also keep an eye out for other offers throughout the summer!


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